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Cooperation Agreement for the Protection of the Coasts and Waters of the North-East Atlantic against Pollution (Lisbon Agreement)
The Lisbon Agreement was signed on 17 October 1990 and entered into force on 1 February 2014. Spain, Portugal, France, Morocco and the European Union are its contracting parties. The Lisbon Agreement is essentially a mechanism to ensure cooperation between the Contracting Parties in the case of giving a pollution incident in the North-East Atlantic area. To this end contracting parties are bound to set up a national emergency plan as well as to obtain and maintain the technical equipment needed for combating incidents of pollution at sea. The Convention aims at establishing a set directives on the practical, operational and technical aspects on a joint action against pollution and strengthening the capacity for mutual assistance and cooperation between the parties in order to combat immediately and effectively the marine pollution by hydrocarbons and other harmful substances, particularly in cases of urgency. An International Centre is set up by the aggreement in Lisbon with the aim of assisting Parties to react swiftly and effectively to pollution incidents.