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Convention on the Protection of the Rhine (New Rhine Convention)
The Convention on the Protection of the Rhine that was signed on 12 April 1999, replacing the Treaty of Bern (1963) as well as the Chemical Convention (1976), is the basis for international cooperation for the protection of the Rhine that links the Alpes to the North Sea. The Convention was adopted under the auspices of the International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine (ICPR). Among other objectives, central elements of the convention are the preservation, improvement and sustainable development of the Rhine ecosystem, as well as the improvement of potable water quality, the prevention of floods and the restoration of harmful impact on the North Sea. These targets were fixed against the background that the Rhine is an important European navigation lane. The Convention on the Protection of the Rhine as well as the Water Framework Directive (WFD, 2000/60/EC) and the EU directive on the assessment and management of flood risks (directive 2007/60/EC) form the fundamental framework of legal protection of the Rhine.