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Agreement for cooperation in dealing with pollution of the North Sea by oil and other harmful substances (Bonn Agreement)
Boehmer-Christiansen S. (1984) "Marine pollution control in Europe: Regional approaches, 1972–80", Marine Policy, 8:1, 44-55.
Abstract: This article evaluates the effectiveness of four regional pollution agreements concluded during the 1970s: The Bonn Agreement, the Oslo Convention, the Paris Convention and the Helsinki Convention. The treaties are described and their implementation to 1980 outlined. The issue of EEC participation in environmental protection in Europe is analysed and problems of overlap with the treaties under discussion are pointed out. A major conclusion of the article is the need for more implementation research to properly assess the effectiveness of such regional agreements.

Ehlers P. (1990) "History of the International North Sea Conferences", The.Int'l J. Estuarine & Coastal L., 5, p. 3.

Hey E. (2002) "International Regime for the Protection of the North Sea: From Functional Approaches to a More Integrated Approach", The. Int'l J. Marine & Coastal L., 17, p. 325.
Abstract: The international regime for the North Sea functions within a complex network of multilateral and regional treaties and institutions, without the existence of a treaty that focuses on the overall protection of the North Sea ecosystem. Nevertheless, a North Sea regime can be identified. This essay shows that that regime has moved from more functional approaches to a more integrated approach. It describes the legal and institutional framework in which the North Sea regime is situated, discusses relevant geographical and geopolitical factors and analyses how the process of change emerged and developed. It concludes that the transition process is about attaining perceptual changes and that in that process law, and rules and regulations, must be regarded as both substantive content, in the sense of standard or rule, and as process, in the sense of procedures for changing or testing the standards and rules.