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Conferences of the Parties
1st Alpine Conference, 1989, Berchtesgaden (Germany): Agreement establishing a binding international convention on the protection of the Alps.

2nd Alpine Conference, 1991, Salzburg (Austria): Signing of the Convention of the Alps.

7th Alpine Conference, 19 November 2002, Merano (Italy): Establishment of a compliance monitoring mechanism of States Parties and the permanent Secretariat of the Convention for the Protection of the Alps.

9th Alpine Conference, 9 November 2006, Alpbach (Austria): Political declaration on the phenomenon of climate change and its effects on the Alpine region. Also, adoption of the Declaration on the people and culture of the Alps.

10th Alpine Conference, 11 – 12 March 2009, Evian (France): Adoption of an action plan for climate change in the Alps (prevention and adaptation measures to climate change).

11th Alpine Conference, 8 – 9 March 2011, Brdo pri Kranju (Slovenia): Support for the plan to create a European macro-region of the Alps, strengthening efforts to reduce the impact of climate change. Also, on a multiannual program agreement (2011 - 2016), which aims to ensure a long-term and continuous implementation of the Alpine Convention and its protocols. This program will focus in 2016 on five areas: demographic change, climate change, tourism, biodiversity, transport and mobility.

12th Alpine Conference, 7 September 2012, Poschiavo (Switzerland): Creation of task forces on energy and forests in the mountains and adoption of an action plan for a European macro-Alps region.

13th Alpine Conference, 21 November 2014, Turin (Italy): The main issues discussed during the 13th Conference were  climate change, demographics and the use of areas in the Alps. Finally, the parties expressed their support of the Alpine Convention on Macro-regional EU strategy for the Alpine region to which the Convention shall be involved as observer.