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Meetings of the Parties
15th meeting of the Executive Body: It was decided to establish the Compliance Committee under the Convention in order to control the member-parties' compliance with its provisions and the provisions of the Protocols supplementing the Convention.

25th meeting of the Executive Body, 10 – 13 December 2007, Geneva (Switzerland)
: It was decided to create a Task Force aiming to study the effects of reactive nitrogen, in order to develop a specific strategy to tackle air pollution. The goal is for this strategy to be followed by all states-parties to the Convention but also from the rest of the international community.

28th meeting of the Executive Body, 13 – 17 December 2010, Geneva (Switzerland): Creation of a Coordination Group to promote the implementation of the Convention in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia under the guidance of the Russian Federation, in order to implement in a better and more effective way what was agreed for these areas. Adoption of a long-term strategy which set the targets for the development of the Convention in a constantly changing world, with particular emphasis on the remaining challenges concerning environmental problems and health problems caused in humans by transboundary air pollution.

31st meeting of the Executive Body, 11 – 13 December 2012, Geneva (Switzerland): Adoption of a series of guidelines under the Protocols supplementing the Convention in order to better manage specific substances,  whose emissions are adjusted by these protocols.