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Meetings of the Parties
HELCOΜ Ministerial Meeting, 15- 20 February 1988, Helsinki (Finland):  (Declaration on the Protection of the Environment of the Baltic Sea).

HELCOM Ministerial Meeting, 2 – 3 September 1990, Ronneby (Sweden): Baltic Sea Declaration - Ronneby Declaration.

HELCOM Ministerial Meeting, 24 – 25 March 1993, Gstaad (Switzerland): Declaration on Resource Mobilisation for the Baltic Sea Joint Comprehensive Environment Action Programme - Gdansk Declaration.

Extraordinary Ministerial Meeting, 10 September 2001, Copenhagen (Denmark): Declaration on the Safety of Navigation and Emergency Capacity in the Baltic Sea Area. (Helcom Copenhagen Declaration).

HELCOM Ministerial Meeting, 15 November 2007, Krakow (Poland): Adoption of the Action Plan "Baltic Sea", which is an ambitious program aiming to restore the environment of the Baltic Sea by 2021.

HELCOM Ministerial Meeting, 3 October 2013, Copenhagen (Denmark): Changes per Member State in phosphorus and nitrogen reduction targets. Also, the decision to review at regular intervals the agreed eutrophication indicators and levels of set objectives. Finally, a decision on the re-imposition of measures to achieve by 2020 an ecologically coherent network management of marine protected areas in the Baltic.


1st Joint Ministerial Meeting of the Helsinki and OSPAR Commission (JMM), 25 – 26 June 2003, Bremen (Germany): Joint Meeting of OSPAR Commission and HELCOM Commission: the result of  the Joint Meeting was the Work Program on Marine Protected Areas (Joint HELCOM / OSPAR Work Programme on Marine Protected Areas), whose purpose was to create a coherent and effective ecological management program for Marine protected Areas which are under the jurisdiction of both HELCOM (Baltic Sea) and the OSPAR (North Atlantic). Such cooperation between the two committees is included in the founding objectives, namely the cooperation with other regional international conventions for the implementation of joint programs and activities.