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Conferences of the Parties
4th Conference, May 1976, Bern (Switzerland): Decision on adoption of the Treaty on the Protection of the Rhine against thermal pollution.

Conference, 1986:  Two Conferences aiming to set the guidelines for the “Rhine Action Programme”.

Conference, 1987: Decision on the implementation of the “Rhine Action Programme”.

12th Conference of Rhine Ministers, 22 January 1998, Rotterdam (Netherlands): Adoption of an action plan for flood protection and adoption of the text of the New Rhine Convention.

13th Conference of Rhine Ministers, 29 January 2001, Strasburg (France): It was decided to create an additional institution, the Coordination Committee in order to coordinate action in the international area of the river, a requirement as part of implementation of the Water Framework Directive. Also, the adoption of a programme for the sustainable development of the Rhine (Rhine 2020).

14th Conference of Rhine Ministers, 18 October 2007, Bonn (Germany): The Ministers of the States Parties decided that the partly competing interests of different uses and the protection of the ecosystem of the Rhine should be harmonized. The river waters serve shipping, recreational activities and are also used as drinking water, cooling water, industrial water and water for energy production. For this reason, the protection of the river should be integrated more strongly in other policy areas such as agriculture, transport, regional planning and tourism.