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Conferences of the Parties
Meetings of the Parties of the Montreal Protocol

2nd ΜΟΡ, 27 – 29 June 1990, London (United Kingdom)
: London Amendment: With this amendment more substances that are harmful to the ozone layer were added, the use of which was also banned.

4th ΜΟΡ, 23 – 25 November 1992, Copenhagen (Denmark): Copenhagen Amendment: This amendment strengthens the institutional framework of the Montreal Protocol in order to best combat the reduction of the ozone layer. In this MOP the Compliance Committee of the Montreal Protocol is also introduced, in order to monitor compliance of States Parties with the provisions of the Protocol and to intervene in cases of non-compliance.

9th ΜΟΡ, 15 – 17 September 1997, Montreal (Canada): Montreal Amendment: This addition concerns the further regulation of the substances trade regime that deplete the ozone layer, as well as the tightening of it.

11th ΜΟΡ, 29 November – 3 December 1999, Beijing (China): Beijing Amendment: This addition aims to strengthen the regime introduced by the Montreal Amendment.